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  • hardie karges 9:41 am on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Life on the Installment Plan, or Not… 

    Being a millionaire is easy

    Being a millionaire is easy

    I would like to be wealthy merely to renounce it. Renunciation is the greatest act of faith.  All Hindus and Buddhists know that.  But a homeless person has nothing to renounce, and the world is suitably not impressed nor has any message been conveyed: the greater the possessions, the greater the renunciation. I would like to tell the bankers to stuff it back in their vaults, tell the coke dealer to stuff it up his nose, tell the beautiful young starlets to stuff it… some day…

    If you cling to your life, you will lose it.  All Christians know that… 

  • hardie karges 3:37 pm on August 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Internal Dialog, Political Dialectic 

    Conversation overheard between the Left and Right sides of my brain:
    LS: They say that to sell non-fiction, you need a platform. Do we have a platform?
    RS: I think that’s a metaphor, actually.
    LS: Actually, I think it’s a two-by-four, lots of them in fact, and double-headed nails, the better to set up and tear down easily.
    RS: Hmmm, sounds like a flea market,
    LS: Now there’s a metaphor, life as flea market.
    RS: Yes, all too true; at least the food trucks are good… are you hungry?
    LS: Yeah, let’s eat. Did you get salsa?
    RS: I thought you did.
    LS: Typical. When are you going to grow up?
    RS: When are you going to chill out?
    LS: Slut.
    RS: Bitch.
    LS: Rock.
    RS: Paper.
    LS: Scissors.

    • Kathleen Chapman 4:30 pm on August 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Let us dream that the left side of nearly everything shall prevail. The left leg is strong the right leg is weak and most recently since titanium arm replace the left arm is weak. Id like to be strong all over and that is where I walk. I am confused about the sequence of events on our life’s together. Do you remember dates from then? I

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  • hardie karges 1:05 pm on August 12, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Mort a Credit: #Death, #Taxes, and the $100K #Prostate 

    Mort a Credit

    Death on the Installment Plan

    It’s that time again—tax time (hey, I’m not an April person!)—in which all the prior year’s goings and comings and savings and spendings come back to haunt me, wishing I’d done this differently or that more carefully. Of course now I think they’ve extended that already-extended August 15 deadline to October 15, but I don’t see any reason to procrastinate, ha ha. That usually means refreshing myself on the last reported year also, so two years ago, really, to synchronize figures on a complicated return, and some of those wounds are even more egregious.

    In my case that means the great 2012 prostate free-for-all in which my poor beleaguered sex-exhausted prostate gland received untold amounts of radiation in an attempt to send a clear message to any cancer cells lying in wait to do me in before my appointed time, that they had better think twice before declaring victory, in fact should just go on back home where they belong. (More …)

    • Kc 10:01 pm on August 12, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Fucking well lucky you were in calli and not here. Last scrunching we had was very ill handled having only medicaid ms and medicare. We do not qualify for ACA because of having ms medicaid. Hope you are able to sex well now and that you are helping prevent overpopulation….no offspring right?

      • hardie karges 10:37 am on August 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        At 60, I figure it’s probably time to renounce sex, don’t you think?

        • Kc 3:39 pm on August 13, 2014 Permalink

          Certainly not. It may be different. Btw once a bj becomes a job and not a joy, do you think it is time to give it up? A wife that gives a good bj? From something you posted earlier. I am a rather literal thinker and that may be limiting to some. Maybe you were being sarcastic? R’s folks had kaiser. We have been knowing how poor they are. Now and forever. Both r’s folks passed while under their care. Maybe good at times and weak later. No better anywhere in amerika. Where in the world does one go for a comfortable retirement?

  • hardie karges 9:52 am on August 6, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    #Israel & #Palestine, Clueless in Gaza: Dial ‘D’ for Dignity… 


    Gaza in ruins

    Gaza in ruins

    “You don’t negotiate with them.” “You make them beg.” Words like these, in reference to Palestine in general, and Hamas in particular, were overheard from the mouths of various Israeli leaders, journalists and pundits-at-large following John Kerry’s recent failed attempts to cut a deal, any deal, between Israel and Palestine. They disgust me, so racist and hateful. Israel tried to back away from the comments, but—you know.

    If words like this hurt me so much, I can only imagine what they do to Palestinians. It’s no wonder there is no solution in sight, with such racism and prejudices at work behind the scenes. Imagine the Western horror if Palestinians spoke like that: ‘Muslims are like that; it’s in their blood.’ Religion flowing through capillaries: now there’s an image.

    I’ve been following the Mideast crises for a while now—approximately 2000 years—and it seems to me that the modern version of the quagmire boils down to one irreconcilable issue: Israel’s various leaders demand that Palestinian’s various leaders officially recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

    The accent, of course, is on ‘Jewish’ and ‘official’; that is: in writing; that is: in words; that is: kiss ass, something that Palestine is not likely to do in this lifetime or the next, nor should they have to. They’ve already recognized Israel’s right to exist by the way, since 1993. Only now does Netanyahu add the ultimate insult: as a Jewish state. If someone stole my property, which they have, I’d never recognize them as rightful owner, but I’d get on with my life. But I’ll be damned if I’d suffer their insults publicly. Who’s the obstructionist? (More …)

    • Kc 2:48 pm on August 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Holy cow holy shit. No it will never end, nor will the race riot begin in our town, however much the white supremeist try to start it. The police here have suggested that everyone in town shoot to kill. Whatfuckingever.

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