Reflections on Tea Party victory; reading the leaves… 

The Real Tea Party

The Real Tea Party

“Victory?” you’re thinking.  Somebody’s smoking the good stuff… or got cut off by TWC… or is now reporting from another dimension.  No, really, I’m serious.  There is no reason for Democrats to be celebrating right now, any more than there is reason for Tea-baggers to be crying in their… tea?  They’ll be back, and we all know it, and sooner than later.  They win by default; by definition.  All they have to do is sow confusion (wreak havoc, mix metaphors, etc.) and they win.  Markets hate that sh*t.  They like us fat and happy, freshly f*cked and sassy, the better to market their products to.

This should not be depressing.  This should be inspiring.  This should be inspiring us ersatz-Dems to follow their lead.  What happened to Earth First!?  And what about the Monkey Wrench Gang?  Democrats have gotten complacent on their fat technocratic asses, assuming that FaceBook and Twitcher will save the world for them.  Yeah, right.

After all, the Tea Party has done nothing illegal, not much anyway, though they’ve certainly pissed all over the concept of democracy.  But we should be able to do better than that.  Are they better radicals then us flower-children-of-the-60’s types?  Gross!  That’s disgusting!  What do they pass around the group at parties, lemonade?  And what books do they read, Ayn Rand or Adam Smith?  What happened to Chairman Mao’s Little Red One? (More …)