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    Half the world is using technology that they didn’t create and might never have created without it dropping into their laps. This makes one wonder if they can feel the same responsibility for it as those who did. It’s not the US, UK, France, Russia, or even China that’s likely to launch a nuclear missile, it’s countries like Iran or Libya with money to spare and axes to grind. It’s not the developed countries whose washes are filled with plastic and cheap aluminum; it’s the third world. It’s not the industrial countries whose drivers take their motorbikes to the sidewalks or come down the wrong side of the street because they couldn’t figure out why the chicken crossed the road; it’s Thailand and Indonesia and Vietnam, countries with more motorbikes than brains. Think about that before you let the genie of genetic modification out of the bottle.

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    The empires have all fallen as is right and fair. There will be more and they’ll all fall, too. Illusions of grandeur fuel the future. Bullshit burns, slowly but steadily. I firmly believe that there is an inner core of goodness and justice in every heart and every mind, something learned and remembered, a lesson taught by every religion, though learned by few. I honestly think there is a process of equalization going on in the world, at least between countries. This might even include Africa before it’s all over. The gap these days seems to be a new class system developing between rich and poor within countries themselves, particularly between the cities and the countryside. Indigenous groups are already endangered species. Will they ever be protected? Whales get more protection than traditional ethnic groups. Assimilation may not be the panacea that it might appear. If and when the shit hits the fan, we may need some survival tips from those peoples now marginalized.

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    Future archaeologists will have fun with the CERN super collider particle accelerator. It’ll be the enigma of the millennia, trying to unravel the twists and turns of nuclear physics. Somehow I can’t see how anyone would ever figure out how somebody would build a massive underground structure tens of miles long and miles in diameter for the purpose of smashing subatomic particles into each other just to see what they’ll do. That presupposes that there will be a break in the historical record, as before, when one historical age has lost track of what happened previously. By extension one could assume that technological advancement will have stalled and progress regressed. Should history proceed smoothly, by some miracle, all will not be lost and we will likely be far more advanced then than now. For that to happen, we’ll have to find a suitable substitute for oil BEFORE it runs out, and make a seamless transition to a new phase of energy consumption.

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    China wins by default, just count the numbers. The parasite devours the host, led by the unholy triad of Capitalist investment, Confucianist obedience, and Communist totalitarianism, the 3 C’s all spell “control”: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Don’t do unto others what you don’t want them to do to you. Move backward into the future. After you cross the street, don’t forget to look both ways and see what might have happened if you’d stopped to think about it. But you can’t have it both ways. The choice is ours: a kinder gentler slower world or a reckless smelly consumptive one. Growing pains are hard for a citified world age 5000. Our ancestors missed their cows when they left the farm. We might have to miss our cars when we leave the city to the archeologists of another generation.

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    The past is a pool of blood. 

    Internecine squabbles continue between former camel-shit caravan drivers turned oil princes and former horse shit cowboys turned capitalists. When planes slammed into the World Trade Towers like two over-extended penises caught in a lie, a warm radiation spread over my body like an afterglow to knee-jerk fear. Many of us took a hit when the twin towers fell, psychologically if not physically, conspiracies sprouting like mushrooms from fertile imaginations, unable to accept the fact that not everyone loves us anymore. So that must be our fault, the rejected lover accepting responsibility for imagined crimes against an unfaithful spouse that he didn’t want anymore anyway but didn’t have the heart to tell. But not me, I know suicidal despair when I see it. I know that suicide bombings are suicides first and politics second. We’re on my turf now; this is the world I know, the world of opposites. In martial arts like marital arts, use the aggressor’s weight to his disadvantage. The bad guys might just save us all despite themselves, slow down run-away capitalism before we all die from the heat of our own fires, accomplish what a gaggle of rich-daddy environmentalists driving $30K hybrids could never accomplish in a thousand years. What happens when one billion Chinese all have cars? Whose air will we breathe then?

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    You can score points by being contrary. In times when everyone is borrowed up, leveraged out, and plunked down, you can make a living just by being conservative and holding on to your money and drawing interest. When everybody is tight assed with their money, you can make a living by taking advantage of low interest rates and taking some selective risks.

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    The power of money, like karate, is the power of the empty hand. To have money and not spend it is power, the power of non-action, literally potential. How many do-dads do you really need anyway? The worst thing about money is having to think, worry, or obsess over it. This can happen with either too little or too much of it, and becomes all you ever think about. As with everything, the middle path is the best, avoiding extremes. Buddhism is at its best as an antidote to high-stress modern Western-type lifestyles. In the absence of such, it might seem like a religion of passivity. It’s almost as if the Buddha foresaw what was to come and prescribed a cure in advance. This might violate causality, but nothing better has been prescribed that doesn’t. Maybe there was something innate in the Indo-European mentality that knew what was likely and that the Indo would have a prominent role to play as antidote to the Euro. You can always back-fill logic later: how do I know what I mean until I see how much money’s at stake? People who can save their money are masters of the world; those who can’t are slaves. The former are creditors; the latter are debtors. Little by little money accrues to the creditor’s account at the expense of the debtor, over and beyond the current debt load. This is trickle-up economics.

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    Money is dirty. Money is addictive. Keep it under wraps. Keep it in your pants. Use it but don’t show it. Do your dirty deals down dark alleys. Money invariably leads to the hard stuff, oil and guns. Money is a medium that leads to extremes. In the hands of humans any extra is inevitably gambled on a fixed outcome with a fixed income. The dealer always wins. The house never loses. Like any good virus, its only purpose is to reproduce itself. If left to its own devices, money reproduces itself faster than bacteria, the black magic of numbers come to life and spreading like kudzu. Money lay there for years inert and lifeless until someone discovered that powers of ten and numerical place notation could make someone wealthy. Like sound amplifying through reverberation, money gets larger every time it changes hands, every time it shows up in someone’s books. All parties with interest get a piece of the action, a blip on the screen where two particles collided and something was given off. The squiggle on the screen is our only proof of the entity’s existence. Money is the measure of motion. If you hold it, then it evaporates with inflation. The thing itself only has worth during a depression, but that’s too depressing. Suspension of disbelief is essential; confidence is the foundation upon which a house of cards is built. Suspension of disbelief is the crucial test of any good movie. It also applies to ‘real life’. If you’re aware of the fact that those are actors acting, then the movie’s a failure. If you think they’re just making it all up, then the story’s already riddled with more holes than can be filled.

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    Business is like a limb that’s been amputated, but I still feel it there, erect and at attention, counting its money like some junkie who can’t make a move without ensuring that there’s another carrot lined up and waiting to mark the path and give meaning to life. I’ll never be an artist if I can’t get the monkey of business off my back so that I can concentrate on some creative work, get my eyes off the prize and concentrate on the task at hand. The bottom line rules like the line of her bottom used to, the thin red line of fulfillment, an innate idea of something warm associated with form. Business is a reflex action, a nervous tick, a cheap whore luring with vacuous charms.

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    Business is a disease infecting my soul like the heartbreak of psoriasis. The virus is clever; not only does it allow you to reproduce fully, but it even allows you to survive in some reduced capacity as a worker drone. It infects early in the teen-age years so that it can’t be readily distinguished from the multitude of other desires begging for your attention and sweet caress. It’s a disease of the soul, like alcoholism, like HIV; it infects the pleasure center, so that you want it even though you’ve already got it. You want it even though it’s bad for you. Business is a monopoly game, in your dreams, building empires and getting you out of jail free, just like Thailand. When rich people here get busted, they run for office. Business is the opium of the rich. Business and sex cancel each other out. The more I get of one, the less I need of the other; same with opium. The pleasure centers are the same, though no evidence of cross-tolerance. They all affect your ability to have a good shit. I’ve tried going cold turkey from business, but stuffed in whole-wheat bread, hold the mustard. The results are inconclusive, maybe too lofty an approach. Probably better to try sex as a substitute, a sexual maintenance program. Sex in the morning is the real thing, the hard-on you’re stuck with, rank like the smell of bacon to a vegetarian, the dark side of appetite. Good sex is like a good shit, nature’s dirty secret. Opium will plug you up like sticky rice, something like sticky mind. The antidote is physical work, high fiber, and fear. That’ll clean you out and get you up.

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